Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CNN Says I Don't Count

... because I voted for Fred, goddamnit. Hell, they've got Romney listed. Those TV jerks are still trying to stick it to Fred.

Having to watch or at least hear CNN at work, I've become convinced it really is the Clinton News Network. Even if I was an Obama fan I'd be pissed. Those guys really, really want Hillary to win; her campaign gets so much screen time, between her, Bill's antics and whatever light scandal of the day orbits around them, that I'm fairly sure she outclocks all the other candidates on both sides all together. Then again, she's probably just lucky there hasn't been another outbreak of Paris Hilton activity to draw away the cameras.

Update: The Clinton campaign claims it is "not fair" to be competing with a black man during Black History Month. Penn Jillette quips "Unfortunately for Hillary, there's no White Bitch Month." Immature, but cute.

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