Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brave New World

Roissy posts today on a street festival in Adams Morgan and believes it heralds the worthlessness of the neighborhood. Frankly I see it as just another way DC fails to live up to the standards set by other big cities. Scenester opinions aside, the District is not and never will be trendy and hip like New York. It is not happening and filled with excitement like LA. The eternal transplant population will never have the heritage and history of Philadelphia or Boston.

And, in this case, regardless of aspirations it will never attain the stultifying strangeness and frothing class denial of San Fransisco. For those of you who know better than to follow my links, an excerpt:

"On the way, we passed a giant purple head emerging from the ground."

Even little old Austin has a world-famous transvestite hobo. In return, DC has, what? Congress? Total bush league.


roissy said...

i clicked that san fran link. i'm disappointed... no grotesque nudist pics. they're slipping.

mike says said...

for further evidence, take note of the fact that there is not one decent diner in the whole city. not one. it's impossible to get a solid burger and fries in this town for less than 9 bucks without resorting to the golden arches.

Anonymous said...

mike - you are a dumbass. ever heard of mel's diner?

Jewcano said...

I've never heard of Mel's Diner, although googling it makes it look like Yet Another Goddamned Chain Restaurant. And while I'd hesitate to call McD's a 'solid' burger and fries, even there it's like 7 bucks out the door. In this town you're better off hitting the Fudd.