Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cosmetic Honesty

Women who die their hair are compulsive liars.

While non-fruitcake men have always eschewed masking their appearance with chemicals and unguents, women have been doing it for ages. This is because women think it not only acceptable but expected for them to mislead men about their appearance. While foot-binding and girdles are passé, women still dollop their faces with makeup before going to the club, the office, the grocery mart. But with the exception of Tammy Faye-style caking, makeup is a mere fib. At worst it makes a girl look like a painted whore, at best it accentuated pleasant features the girl already has. Neither case is a great deviation from the truth. Most of the time it just covers up bad skin. Men are surprisingly inattentive to makeup anyway, which makes the fact that before leaving the house most women do the same routine as Ronald McDonald does all that much siller.

Hair dying is another matter. At this point the woman is actively attempting to falsify her appearance. A man who likes blondes may find out his object of attraction is a brunette only after she has bedded him. This doesn't sound serious, but it is; it is actively lying in the course of seduction. A woman would not appreciate the man giving a fake club name, lying about his age, his status of employment, whether he is single. This is even more ridiculous considering today's trends of girls dying their hair several different colors at once. The man has no idea which one is genuine, and is left to wonder why girls think it is attractive to look like Cindi Lauper.

When a woman who lies to you about her hair color says she's unmarried, clean, and on the pill, wonder what else she's not being so honest about.


roissy said...

"ok, so which one of those hair strands is your REAL hair color?"

KassyK said...

Hey...its fun to dye your hair. I'm a natural blonde and I get taken more seriously as a redhead or a brunette (current shade).

I never lie about it. In fact, I incessantly blog about it. :)

Does it change matters if we do it for fun?

Because so many men prefer blondes, I am actually dyeing my hair so that what you notice more is ME and not the lightness of my strands.

I think makeup is WAY more complicated in terms of hiding things. I have seen some busted looking girls with amazing makeup applications that guys find HOT. Then the makeup comes off and she is all her busted glory.

I dont wear makeup besides a bit of accentuation makeup (mascara and bronzer for day, eyeliner for big nights out) for that very reason. I want to be as natural as possible in my actual features.

I think with hair color, you are just making something prettier...but you aren't essentially changing your FEATURES.

Ok I'm babbling. Peace.

Jewcano said...

Somehow I knew this would be the post most likely to pull KassyK from the shadows that didn't involve making fun of Justin Timberlake.

KassyK said...


Anonymous said...

Are we lying because we are wearing clothes and covering up what our bodies really look like? Just look at a girls' roots if you are so concerned about what her natural hair color really is.